About us

How nice: You found your way to our website, so you sweetened our day. Now you are definitely very curious and want to know who we are and what vision is behind our website.
Über uns: Wendy & Sarah - die Gründerinnen von FINO & Stitch

Who are we?

We come to the first question: We are Wendy (left) and Sarah (right) - we have taken “every blondie needs a brownie” to heart. We got to know each other during our studies, but the desire to increase the sewing fun for all passionate seamstresses came many years and three children later - in 2021. Of both of us, Wendy is the creative and Sarah the all-rounder.

What is our vision?

We can answer the second question very quickly: We would like to give you and all other sewing lovers a completely new sewing experience - so that you can fully devote yourself to having fun with the sewing machine. Even if you are just starting to sew and do not yet know exactly what is meant by “right on right”, you have come to the right place, because we make it easier for you to get started with our self-explanatory instructions.

It goes without saying that we have high quality standards when selecting our fabrics and haberdashery and that we only source them from Europe - because only the best for our minis! And psssst, we would like to tell you another little secret: Our mini styles are not only cool, but also functional.

If you have any further questions, please email us at hello@finoandstitch.com .

Have fun shopping and, more importantly, have fun sewing!